Sunday, June 20, 2010

Mei Ying from Karate Kid

A LOT of my friends said that Mei Ying from Karate Kid looks like me?
Or I look like her? If she's younger than me means she look like me and if i'm younger than her means i look like her lor.. I don't know what's her age so I'll say she look like ME. ehehehehehe.
Okay let me Google it..
Side view of Mei Ying. Plus Jaden Smith look so cute here!

Apparently they very kiamsiap, cannot see her from front view. -.-

She's actually laughing/smiling idkwhatisshedoing. Anyway which part of her look like me?
Her 'government' name is Han Wen Wen so her surname's Han. Which means sweat for me also in chinese D:
Can't really find biography of hers, so couldn't find out how old is she.
OH, i got the front view liao.

Look like me meh?



DAMN. Jaden Smith looks so freaking cute here. I ♥ his hair!!

And and Jaden Smith so lengzai. Why not some directors come to my doorstep and ask, ' Would you like to star in my new movie Karate Kid? '. WHY NOT? haha!
And if i AM in the movie. HAHAHAHAH!
rich.. *starts imagining*
Okay, let you all judge la. Post a picture of mine and see. -.-

I just found out that i don't have a picture of myself!! NOO. gotta take one soon.

You see the picture above and which one look like Mei Ying then you know ady. ahaha! no point saying this.

side view. LOL (sorry i camwhore)

Now you guys see, does she look like me? hmmmmm

Oh, and school starts tomorrow which means today's the last day of me having a life!
gotta clip my nails. grrrrr
and am trying to finish up my homework here!
Happy Schooling!

wtfish. look at his muscle. he's only 12..

HAHA! au revoir!


human =) said...


Anonymous said...

Omg,you don't look like Mei Ying in Karate Kid at all.I mean,not at all.
and yes! Jaden Smith is very cute ;)

Lilyn Ng said...

@human whats so funny huh? haha!
@anonymous yeah. but they say in the movie, she looks EXACTLY like me! how scary? :D

Anonymous said...

Haha.You looks pretty too :D
Nice to meet you here.

cynsheng said...

got abit of similarity lah...haha...btw i have an African friend said that I look like Jackie Chan man!!!! hahahaha :P

Lilyn Ng said...

@anonymous thanks! nice meeting you here too even though i dont know you. :D
@cynsheng please la... jackie chan. NOT AT ALL. xD

Shuwen said...

SERIOUSLY. I was saying 'omg that kid looks like lilyn' a thousand times to kenny when we were watching it. He disagreed and made me think that i'm the only one in this world that thinks like that LOLOLOL

cynsheng said...

not at all?? maybe he thinks every chinese guy look like jackie chan gua...LOL

Lilyn Ng said...

@shuwen haha! kenny told me that too. but i don't see why. i can say A LIL BIT LA. :D
@cynsheng haha! if you look like jackie chan i look like emma watson lah! xD

Anonymous said...

i still think mei ying looks like u...XD

cynsheng said...

haha! emma watson?? u got ang moh gene? lol :P

ALDEN said...

I would asume Mei Ying and Zhenwei Wang will be doing alot more movies soon . Zhenwei Wang The Next JET LI ?!?!?!?!

Lilyn but who the better dancer you or mei ? lol

Lilyn Ng said...

@anonymous i don't see why. haha!
@cynsheng *winks* :)
@alden i bet. karate kid made them famous. ohh, and about dancing, you'll have to see me dance to judge. ;) haha!

Anonymous said...

hey its Alden again!

I challenge you to the same dance dance revolution games as the movie !

Btw, after i visit japan . My friend is going to take me to Malaysia. What i wanted to know , Is it true most of the country is Muslim ?

Anonymous said...

oh i added u to face book :) alden,ali

Batata ^^ said...

oooh! *_*

Anonymous said...

my dad is jakie chan!!!!

Lilyn Ng said...

hey alden!
haha! i would do chicken dance thou ;) anyway it varies from buddhist to muslim. not necessarily most are muslims :)
Hope you enjoy your stay here! haha! SORRY FOR THE SUPAH LATE REPLY :(

Lullaby said...

hi.. :)
nice to see you ..
your blog is so nice ..
i like your blog .. :)